Rates and Enrollment

Please email, text or call us to schedule a tour of Cherry Lane Preschool. You may wish to print out and bring a completed copy of our Enrollment Form with you to speed the application process.

You can download and print our Enrollment Form Here.

Email: info@cherrylanepreschool.org
Phone: 360.539.4655

Boys at Cherry Lane Preschool


For a child to qualify for enrollment at Cherry Lane Preschool and Academy, he or she must be at least 3 years old or turn 3 during his or her first month of school (or in the case of pre-registration for an upcoming school year, the child must turn 3 by December 31st of the school year in which he or she is enrolling). Additionally, students must be mature enough to understand and follow basic directions. Also, they must be potty trained, meaning that your child can mostly manage him/herself in the bathroom without assistance. Pull-ups are acceptable if a child can pull them up and down themselves.

Cherry Lane Preschool and Academy is an academic environment. Our goal is to help your children grow, mature, and transition into kindergarten with a desire and love for learning. Although we do not use a Christian curriculum, we do read stories around the holidays about Jesus, and we do say a prayer rhyme at snack time as follows: “Thank you God for sandwich bread, for carrots and for apples red. For meat and milk that make us strong, we thank you God the whole day long.” If you have any questions regarding this, please feel free to ask.






Text or Call us at 360.539.4655 to schedule a tour of the school and fill out an Enrollment Form, or you may email us at info@cherrylanepreschool.org.

While school is in session, the Registration Fee and a Tuition Payment for the current month will secure your child’s spot. For Pre-Regristration
in an upcoming school year, the Registration Fee and the first month’s tuition payment are required to hold the spot. Remember seats are available on a first come, first served basis. Space is limited. All payments made to Cherry Lane Preschool and Academy are NON REFUNDABLE.

Monthly payments are calculated as yearly tuition divided by 11 (number of months in the school year).

Monthly tuition payments are due no later than the 20th of each month for the following month. For example, December’s Tution Payment should be paid on or before November 20th.

Remember that Cherry Lane Preschool and Academy operates for nearly 3 hours a day in contrast with the 2 to 2 1/2 hour programs that most Olympia area preschools offer. This benefits the children as they have more time to interact in a school setting and allows us to accomplish more learning. It also benefits the parent as it provides time to accomplish more during school hours.