Learning Concepts

Science and discovery at Cherry Lane

Science class at Cherry Lane Preschool is designed to prepare children for kindergarten science lessons. These classes are taught by Mrs. Pauletta King, M. Ed., NBTC EAS. Cherry Lane Science is planned with hands-on activities using real science materials, such as pipettes, hand lenses, and Petrie dishes to teach fundamental concepts at a preschool developmental level. Some of the concepts we address each year are experimental design, classification, comparing and contrasting, inferences, observable changes, form and function in animals, physics and math applications.

Language development at Cherry Lane

Encouraging children towards a love for reading and writing helps them to be better students. Telling stories, handwriting, reading books, rhyming, singing, finger plays, practicing listening and playing games that encourage counting and color naming are all parts of language development.

Learning to reach at Cherry Lane

This ranges from reading books at circle time to acting out stories. We read special books during different seasons and holidays. We work on sight words with flash cards and watch an educational reading DVD. Also there are times when we have a few minutes of quiet reading time where the children pick out books and find a cozy place to sit and read to themselves.

The National Institute for Literacy has identified a number of building blocks that prepare children for reading. The key components of reading readiness include familiarity with print and books, letter recognition, sounds of speech and phonemic awareness.

Cherry Lane kids demonstrating teamwork and social maturity

Social This is one of the most important parts of preschool that often is over looked. It deals with learning to relate to friends and involves understanding how to honor and respect authority. Your child will learn about compassion and love and learn valuable social skills to equip them with the necessary tools for making it in school, also thriving in their lives as adults. You can never start too early to prepare your child for their future.

He or she will learn how to work in a group and also the differences between sitting at a table and free play. These are life skills that must be taught while young so your child will have an easier time adjusting to the world around them. Lets raise our children to be competent  adults.

Mathematics at Cherry Lane

MathThe fundamental math activities that we will work on include counting, sorting, pairing, characterizing objects, hand-eye coordination and graduating order. We do many fun math projects from sorting tiny animals
by color and category to measuring at the dried bean table. Math and
Reading are the areas in which many grade students struggle, therefore
we make a special effort to spend quality on these subjects.

Painting at Cherry Lane Preschool

We use various mediums for our art including painting, gluing, glitter, sand, raw materials such as leaves, grass and sticks, scissors, pipe cleaners and many other items. The children have total creative freedom sometimes and
at other times we do projects. But even with specific projects they have
the choice to make it very individual. The children tend to love art time
and we do a variety of things so that each child can learn to become creative in their own way.

Music at Cherry Lane Preschool

We will spend time singing songs that are familiar to the children and learn some new songs. We will do songs with motions and dancing to music.
The children love this and we end up doing a lot of laughing and having fun. During this time there is a lot of joy showing on the children’s faces.
It is priceless.

Large motor skill development at Cherry Lane

We sometimes jump on an indoor trampoline. We do stretching exercises and dance to child-appropriate music with large motions. A nice bonus effect of this is that your child returns home without excess energy.