Hours of Operation



Call or Text 360 539-4655 or email us at info@cherrylanepreschool.org to schedule a tour.

9:00-9:15 Children Arrive /Free Play
9:15-9:45 Circle Time*/Math (Special  Helper)
9:45-10:30 Art/Free Play
10:30-11:05 Snack (Special helper) / Reading Program
11:05-11:25 Writing Development / Flash Cards
11:25-11:35 Music & Motion
11:35-11:50 Free Play/Exercise
11:50 Children picked up

12:30-12:45 Children Arrive /Free Play
12:45-1:15 Circle Time*/Math (Special Helper)
1:15-2:00 Art/Free Play
2:00-2:35 Snack (Special helper) / Reading Program
2:35-2:55 Writing Development / Flash Cards
2:55-3:05 Music & Motion
3:05-3:20 Free Play/Exercise
3:20 Children picked up

The Daily Schedule is a general guideline and is subject to flexibility. *Circle Time consists of welcoming the children, the alphabet, calendar, motion songs, show and tell (for the helper of the day), stories, puppets, sign language, etc…



We are open Monday, through Friday with class choices of 9:00am-1150am, and 12:30pm-320pm. Class choices of 2, 3 and 5-Day Classes.

We are a private school and DO NOT close for Snow Days with the local elementary schools.  You can count on us being open. We will take major holiday school breaks and try to match up with the local schools for these dates. We will be open from August 15th each year until June 15th. We will not have school at Cherry Lane on Field Trip days. Cherry Lane Preschool and Academy is closed:

Labor Day (1 day off-Sept)
Veterans Day (1 day off-Nov)
Thanksgiving (2 days off-end of Nov)
Christmas/New Years (2-2.5 weeks off-Dec/Jan)
MLK Jr Day (1 day off -Jan)
Mid Winter Break (2 days off-Feb)
Spring Break (5 days off-April or May)
Memorial Day (1 day off-May)

We will have a Welcome Picnic in September to help you and your child feel comfortable, and to get to know the other families of Cherry Lane Preschool Academy.

NOTE*The remainder of your August tuition payment will be due in June for returning families.

You may not drop your children off before school starts as the teachers will be spending this time preparing for the school day. Likewise please be prompt in coming to pick your child up at the end of class. Coming to pick your child up
before 11:50pm or 3:20pm is fine but please do not come late as your child will be eager to see you, and find it hard to wait after their friends have gone home!!

Thank you for your understanding.