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Three Reasons to Choose Cherry Lane Preschool

We are Professional - Ms. Amanda has a degree in Child Development and has been working with children in many settings like preschool, daycare, in-home, Christian/church settings and overseas children’s programs for more than 18 years. She went from teacher, to director, to owner of her own preschool. She is also the mother of two very happy young boys. Her education and experience with children's programs coupled with her experience as a mother make her a very professional and adequate teacher. Our curriculum is based on proven techniques that will give your child an advantage starting out in life as well as being prepared for Kindergarten.  Our program will stimulate your son or daughter's brain in the areas vital to proper development.  We include physical, mental and social concepts in our teaching.  This leads to children being confident, happy and well adjusted as they enter their elementary school years.

We are Fun - The children experience many opportunities to have lots of fun. Our children are small, and will be in school for the next 12 years. At Cherry Lane, we pay close attention to including fun in the children's learning experience. We do many things that create pure joy for the children like, free play time, music time w/ fun motion songs, lots of stories, art projects galore, jumping on the trampoline and going on field trips, just to mention a few. The blending of education and pure fun is practiced at Cherry Lane Preschool.

We are Safe - Ms. Amanda is CPR and First Aid qualified in case of an emergency. But more importantly, we strive to avoid emergencies by practicing safe activities and by offering a safe environment. We try to reduce the spread of illness by having the children wash their hands when they arrive at school, and many times during the day. We also keep a very clean environment by sanitizing the area regularly that the children are in. Because this is also the home of Ms. Amanda and her family, she takes pride in keeping it clean. We also utilize the fantastic feature of the School Cam. This is a web cam set up to offer live stream video to the parents of Cherry Lane students. It is a secure link available only to parents with a child currently attending Cherry Lane Preschool. So anytime during your child's school day, or during the entire school session, you will have a bird's eye view into what your child is doing each day, and be reassured that they are learning and being well cared for.