This is what parents of children who attend Cherry Lane Preschool are saying about us:


Our son, Ethan, had a wonderful experience at Cherry Lane Preschool. I was impressed right from the start. Ms. Amanda has the perfect personality as a teacher. She has the ability to keep children’s attention throughout their day and provides a safe environment for kids to learn and play. There is plenty of time for creativity through art projects, story time, and learning videos, as well as active play time with inside/outside play and field trips. Ethan finished the year strong and is prepared for Kindergarten because of the activities at Cherry Lane. He can write his first and last name quickly and clearly, count to over 100 and began easy addition. He knows all his shapes, colors, ABC’s and even started reading. His social behavior has greatly improved. He learned how to share and see how his actions affect his friends. You will not be disappointed when choosing this preschool for your child.



Lacey, Washington


"I have 4 1/2 year old twins who attended Cherry Lane Preschool last year and I have been very pleased with all that they have learned. They always come home and talk about the fun activities they do and I have seen a huge improvement in their writing skills. They have learned how to be part of a group and take turns, but also how to express themselves individually through their art and free play. The atmosphere of learning is fun and very age appropriate. The children do a variety of learning exercises. I have a feeling of security that my children are very safe while they are at Cherry Lane. And I feel that it is a very nice mix of a school feeling but with the love of a mother caring for the children. It has been a fun opportunity to feel like part of a community and I've enjoyed the field trips and holiday parties with the other moms. My girls never got bored at Cherry Lane and always looked forward to preschool days.. We will be attending again this year.
Olympia, Washington
"Cherry Lane Preschool has been a wonderful experience for my child. It offers small class sizes, which gives plenty of one-on-one time for the children, but also teaches children to have patience because they must share the teacher’s time with others. The kids were excited to go to school each day, especially when they were ‘helper of the day’ and also the days they got to bring in a show-and-tell item. I was impressed with the fact that the kids had homework; it is preparing the child for what is to come in the up-coming years as well as preparing the parents."

Rochester, Washington